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CIMG5917-LUnique among other leather care products, our Leatherique Prestine Clean, and Rejuvenator Oil work with a capillary action. Both have ingredients including proteins, cleaners, and conditioners that find their way deep into the natural pores of the leather and force out the dirt, perspiration, air pollution, and other toxins. These last agents are what dry out and destroy the fibers of the leather, depleting their strength, flexibility, and causing them to deteriorate.

This is especially true with equestrian leather and saddles where there is always perspiration and its salts to attack leather fibers and leave the leather dry and prone to cracking. Our products work especially well on leather car seats, motorcycle leather, leather furniture and all other leather items. Although it was named Rejuvenator Oil by founding fathers, Ty Peck and George Pavlisko, Sr., this product actually contains no fillers such as mineral oil or petroleum products as Lexol and other products do. The formula is based on a natural Old Swedish secret and is a complex blend of proteins and collagens that actually restore the tensile strength to the leather. Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean do not just sit on top of the leather. They will not make it slick and greasy. They do not harm the stitching as do most other products. One application to the reverse (unfinished) side, with sufficient permeation time, is usually all that is required for reconditioning most cardboard hard, neglected leather. The enriching formula, once embedded in the leather fibers, continues to condition for several months.

Tested by Outside Sources

93LEApril08011Tests have been performed on our products by outside sources. They have determined that Rejuvenator Oil contains more beneficial ingredients than any competing formula, or any other leather treatment product on the market! In addition, our Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean contain no Silicone, which dries leather, and no wax that merely sits on the surface and does nothing. We also advise against saddle soap, as it has been known to remove the dye from the leather. If your dye is worn away, call us or see Restoring and Dyeing about our simple to use Leatherique Leather Dye. The process, as outlined in our instructions, can bring remarkable results. Our dye is the premier product of its type. It has continued to keep pace with advances in co-polymer technology and uses only the finest, first-quality pigments. We recommend a preventative maintenance “face lift” three to four times a year with Rejuvenator Oil. Optimum times to make applications are at the seasonal changes and after hard use to prevent deterioration and shrinkage. Use Prestine Clean as a maintenance cleaner and conditioner in one easy step, each time the leather is stressed by weather or perspiration. Prestine Clean and Rejuvenator Oil may be applied with your hands as heat helps it penetrate the surface of the leather. They are both safe, natural and non-toxic. Natural oils were used to treat leather and keep it flexible since the earliest of cave man days. These natural oils included those excreted by the people who wore the skins for warmth and by the animal fats from the foods they ate, (recall they had not invented napkins or table manners). As “modern” man began using more items derived from petroleum and their by-products, they rationalized that the chemical oils would work to provide the lacquer painted dyed surface the appearance of being softer and more leather-like. It may have provided the lacquer finish with the illusion of flexibility, but it actually was harmful for the leather fibers. These oils are not at all necessary in the preservation of leather fibers, and actually help induce the break down, separation of fibers, and rot of leather and stitching. Remember that we coat our motor parts with petroleum oils so they do not stick together. That is totally contrary to what we wish to accomplish with the minuscule fibers that comprise our saddle and tack leather. A good ladies face cream actually shares many ingredients with our Rejuvenator Oil, including collagen. Face creams work on a process that allows nutrients to seep down into the layers of the skin, helps them hydrate (retain moisture), plumps the new skin cells and restores elasticity. The other ingredients such as oils, mineral oils and lanolin in the face creams actually do nothing but soften the dead surface skin cells so they may float away, exposing the vibrant new skin cells underneath. After shaving, men’s complexions have that “soft as a baby’s bottom” feel? It is purely commercialism on the part of razor manufacturers to allude that the razor was the cause for this effect. Actually, every day, men remove dead skin cells while shaving thus revealing the fresh new skin underneath. To the point, the leather in our saddles and tack no longer has the regenerative powers that nature provided to maintain them. Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil does simply that. It provides the leather fibers with the same natural ingredients nature intended to help keep them flexible and bound together.

Silicone and Wax Free

Rejuvenator/Pristine Clean Set

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Another myth about leather care involves the Silicone based and “sealer type” family of products, including wax. These products do nothing but cause a seal on your leather, vinyl, and rubber, which may provide an attractive finish, if you want shinny, upon initial application, as all the dried pores are now filled in with the sealer and the surface has a more uniform, glossy appearance. Silicon products applied to leather do not allow the leather fibers to breathe or receive any nourishment. Would your skin benefit from wearing rubber gloves perpetually or wrapping yourself from head to toe in an air tight coating? Avoid all raw silicone oil based products. The silicon oil will dissolve out the leather’s natural oils and tend to make the leather sticky. Silicone oil’s high electrostatic attraction will attract dust, grime, and air pollution to your tack. We absolutely do not recommend these products for any type of leather application. Many myths still exist about exactly what leather is. Real leather is the top split, the actual top layer removed from the skin, of the hide. It has natural flaws characteristic of the animal to which the skin once belonged. There are many “leathers” that are actually the thin bottom suede split of the hide. These splits have been coated with a vinyl type coating and a grained impression is applied with rollers. According to U.S. Government standards, these should actually be labeled and sold as suede. However, after being treated, they are being passed as “genuine leather” to the consumer .If you are looking to purchase leather upholstered furniture, apparel, handbags, luggage, or equestrian tack assure your self that it is only of the top quality. Use vendors who guarantees precisely what grade of leather your piece is made of. Good quality leathers have been known to last generations with just a little love and care. Our founding family owned and operated company has been offering leather care advice and premium products for the past 30 years.

levitra 20 mg http://dykast.us/wyxidoxyg Please call us any time with your leather care questions! We are here to help!

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buy generic viagra pills online Leatherique is the perfect restoration system for automobile interiors, furniture, saddles and equestrian tack, museum artifacts and personal items.

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