Crack Filler

Step by Step for filling Cracks

You will need:

  • Crack Filler
  • Sandpaper in 180, 220, 320 and 400 grits
  • Prepping Agent
  • Dye

See Client Projects page for pictures and descriptions.

Step 1.
Apply Rejuvenator Oil overnight.

Step 2.
Clean off with Pristine Clean.

Step 3.
Apply Crack Filler with credit card or pallet knife in thin coats. Try not to fill the grain around the crack. Do not fill deep cracks in one coat; it will shrink and be visible. Let dry 20 minutes.

Step 4.
Sand between coats with 400 grit sandpaper until perfectly smooth.

Step 5.
You are ready to apply dye.

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